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Medical Tourism
in Turkey

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    Health tourism

    Health tourism is travelling outside one's home country to receive services aimed at preventive, curative, rehabilitative or otherwise health promotion. On the other hand, medical tourism has a strict medical definition and covers international travel for treatment purposes.

    One of the main reasons why Turkey is the most popular destination is that it has a beautiful environment with four seasons. Transport and the provision of healthcare services are not interrupted in this way. In every region, high quality healthcare services are offered at European level. It has a highly skilled and qualified labour force, especially in the medical field.

    World Class Health Service Quality

    Health tourism in Turkey -mostly in Istanbul- is currently being performed in high quality, comfortable and accredited health centers and hospitals. These health centers are equipped with latest technological medical devices, healthcare specialists and healthcare staff. Renate Healthcare serves you by its founder Plastic Surgeons, dentists, and dermatology specialists in these high quality centers.

    Accredited Health Centers and Organisations

    Turkey is the second worldwide country by the number of Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited health centers and hospitals. Most of these centers and hospitals are located in Istanbul. Variety and number of these centers in Istanbul take attention in health tourism internationally.

    Cost Effectiveness

    Healthcare costs in Turkey are nearly 70 to 80 percent cheaper than Europe and UK. Turkey, especially Istanbul, is a cheap and good choice for you with qualified treatments in internationally accredited health centers. Istanbul, Cappadocia, Egean and Mediterranian coast are also available vacation routes only an hour flight from Istanbul.

    Wide Range of Services

    In Turkey wide range of qualified medical treatment services are available. As plastic surgery, hair transplantation and dental care procedures are leading helthcare services in Turkey, all other medical services are now available.

    Renate Healthcare

    Our treatments

    You can have detailed information about our treatments and treatments we offer for you below, and you can learn about the treatment process.

    Why Renate HealthCare?

    With our expert staff, we can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week about the risks you may encounter during the entire treatment process, possible complications and your treatments that will be terminated in a healthy way, and we help you whenever you.

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    Why Turkey?

    Turkey is waiting for you with its favourable conditions and reliable services in the health sector. In addition to increasing health costs, people who want to receive effective health services from experienced and successful doctors prefer Turkey for health services because it offers much more affordable costs and many conveniences than the country they live in.


    By the information you have provided to us, you will bemeeting with our Consultant Doctors and clarifying thedetails of the treatments you will receive from RenateClinic.


    Plan Your

    You plan all the details of your trip, from your flight to the hotel you will stay in and the trips you will make during your stay in Turkey.


    Come to

    When your schedule is ready, you would come to Turkey and start enjoying a unique healthcare trip.



    Your treatment operations are carried out by leading expert doctors in accordance with your schedule.


    Enjoy the

    Apart from your treatment, you can visit the places you should see in Turkey and spend your free time with pleasant activities.


    Return your
    home healthy
    and happy

    After you receive the treatment that Renate Healthcare has specially planned for you and enjoy your trip, you will return home healthy and happy.


    Transfer and Accommodation ​

    Renate Clinic has designed and planned everything for your safety and comfort. We will accompany you from the beginning to the end of your treatment. Our VIP transfer vehicle and contracted hotels are at your service! ​

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    Every year, more than a thousand patients visit us.



    We love our happy patients.




    You will have a special counsellor who will help and guide you throughout your treatment process. Pre-operative interview, hospitalisation process, pre-operative tests etc. You will have a private consultant with you in all steps and everything will be explained to you.

    When you arrive, we pick you up from the airport with a private vehicle we have arranged and drop you off at your destination. You are brought to our institution or your hotel without any problems.

    We will have staff to help you from the moment you contact us until the day you return to your country. We can easily say that you will not have any problems with language. Our institution has health personnel who speak English. However, upon request, assistance can be provided in other languages such as Arabic, German, Spanish.



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