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Renate Healthcare

Your Health is Our Number One Priority!

Together with our expert team, we are working diligently to provide you with better quality service.

Renate Healthcare

Your Health is Our Number One Priority!

Together with our expert team, we are working diligently to provide you with better quality service.

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    Limb Extension

    Plastic surgery

    Hair Transplant

    Our Treatments

    Renate Healthcare

    Our Treatments

    You can have detailed information about our treatments and treatments we offer for you below, and you can learn about the treatment process.

    Get height increase treatment with Renate Healthcare!
    Limb lengthening surgery defines the lengthening of the relevant bone by various surgical procedures by taking advantage of the growth potential of the bones. The lengthened bones can be summarized as upper extremity humerus (upper arm), radius-ulna (forearm), femur (thigh), tibia (tibia), metatarsals (scallops of the foot).

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    With our expert staff, we can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week about the risks you may encounter during the entire treatment process, possible complications and your treatments that will be terminated in a healthy way, and we help you whenever you.

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    Why Turkey?

    Turkey is waiting for you with its favourable conditions and reliable services in the health sector. In addition to increasing health costs, people who want to receive effective health services from experienced and successful doctors prefer Turkey for health services because it offers much more affordable costs and many conveniences than the country they live in.


    By the information you have provided to us, you will bemeeting with our Consultant Doctors and clarifying thedetails of the treatments you will receive from RenateClinic.


    Plan Your

    You plan all the details of your trip, from your flight to the hotel you will stay in and the trips you will make during your stay in Turkey.


    Come to

    When your schedule is ready, you would come to Turkey and start enjoying a unique healthcare trip.



    Your treatment operations are carried out by leading expert doctors in accordance with your schedule.


    Enjoy the

    Apart from your treatment, you can visit the places you should see in Turkey and spend your free time with pleasant activities.


    Return your
    home healthy
    and happy

    After you receive the treatment that Renate Healthcare has specially planned for you and enjoy your trip, you will return home healthy and happy.


    Transfer and Accommodation

    Renate Healthcare has designed and planned everything for your safety and comfort. We will accompany you from the beginning to the end of your treatment. Our VIP transfer vehicle and contracted hotels are at your service!

    Happy Patients

    Renate Clinic
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    Daniela DonatiDaniela Donati
    10:01 13 Mar 23
    I met the Renate clinic on Instagram and immediately loved Dr. Yazgan's work. I am totally satisfied with their work, Dr. YAZGAN is so kind and patient and satisfied me in all requests and was very attentive to every need and made sure that everything was perfect and I didn't miss anything. All the staff of the clinic are available and meticulous: Gokce, one of Dr. YAZGAN's assistants has always been by my side and supported me in every request and need and despite being alone in Turkey she was like a family member.What can I say, a more than positive experience, maximum professionalism, dr. YAZGAN always reassuring, everything perfect and above all my expectations. Thanks for everything Dr. YAZGAN, Gokce and Renate clinic see you soon.
    Sibel EzginSibel Ezgin
    09:35 09 Feb 23
    I would recommend this clinic. I was hosted by Aylin, very cute and helpful. The doctor knows where he is talking about and provides you a trustful advice. They have a great team and the hospital employees at the 8. Floor are amazing!
    Berat MuşdalBerat Muşdal
    09:42 05 Aug 22
    I live in London and I was considering a gynecomastia operation. When I came to Turkey to visit my father, I didn't even think that I would have such an operation, but after meeting Renate clinic all my worries were gone. It is a wonderful and fascinating place, doctor Samil Yazgan is a very cheerful and energetic person, I felt safe with this doctor at the same time There is also a very cheerful nurse Ceren , A very good nurse transfers her positive energy to the whole team All the staff are very cheerful and caring, They text me shortly after I left the Clinic to ask how I was and how I was feeling, which is a very honorable thing. I recommend it to everyone.
    anita ozcananita ozcan
    14:22 12 Apr 22
    From the moment you walk into the clinic to the moment you walk out, and even long after services are rendered the staff at renate are very informative, helpful and knowledgeable. I was reccomended to this clinic by a family friend who lives in Istanbul and the doctor was absolutely amazing. He spent more time explaining the process to make sure I was able to make an informed decision on the services I received than the treatment itself. They were very accommodating in fitting me in for appointments and working around my schedule. I highly reccomend doctor Samil and his team if thinking about services and would most definitely return the next time I come visit.
    Gö LGAGö LGA
    16:33 06 Feb 22
    super clinic, the team is professional, it is my recommendation. Thank you ismail Tuncer

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